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Advice to My Departing High School Seniors

May 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hello to my High School Seniors!

I am quite sure that every one of you could tell me exactly how many days, hours, and minutes of school you have left to endure.  Or, maybe, you have the countdown measured in mods.  Either way, I know that you are anxious to close this chapter of your lives and to start writing the next one.  I am going to ask you to, please, take a moment and reflect on what these past years have meant to you.  As I was looking through your portraits, there were several themes that stood out to me.



For one thing, don't forget where you came from.  

You may be quite anxious to break ties, but you will one day appreciate your roots and the place that helped to mold you into the wonderful person that you are today.


Natalie and Ryan

When you look back, remember the good things.  

Remember the friendships and those who had an impact on you.   

Remember the challenges and the fun times.  


Madi and Michael

Remember the people who are important to you, and keep them close.


Curtis Haley








Remember that it is important to be comfortable with yourself, wherever you are.  

In your own skin is where you shine the brightest.





Appreciate your accomplishments.  

They are setting the stage for even bigger and better things to come.


Cam Spencer











Be willing to share your talents with the world in meaningful ways.





Maintain your focus.  If you want it, you will achieve it.



Don't be afraid to hold your ground if it means standing for what you know is right.



Let quiet determination be your greatest weapon for success.



And, don't forget to smile.  

It will always be your greatest accessory and most affordable gift that you can share with the world.


Hang in there Seniors!  I am so very proud of all of you!  


Laura Esposito

Laura Esposito Photography, LLC


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